Saturday, September 27, 2014

Don't touch personal property tax, say mayors

Expect the mayors to be more concerned about their governmental bodies than the well being of their constituents.  Ridding business of this burden would help bring back prosperity to the private sector.  Right now prosperity is pretty much limited to government.

How to "pay for it?"  How about making government smaller?  How about getting government employee contributions to their pensions and health care in light with the contribution share in the private sector?

Don't "pay for it!"  Just get rid of it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Union rips 'punitive' deductibles

Labor costs, more specifically, labor benefits costs, are the main force that has been driving up the cost of government for decades.  Until these are dealt with and handled, the cost of government will continue to skyrocket and destroy local government budgets.  Biggest killer has been the pensions.

(I heard the word "health savings account" mentioned in a WRJN newscast.  That would be a marvelous money saver to the Racine Taxpayer and would benefit the government employees also.)

Mount Pleasant considers break with Unified

Mt. Pleasant and Sturtevant should both break with Unified.  Then they must be successful and set a example for Racine of what can be done.

But they must both separate from the idea of the necessity of fancy buildings.  Otherwise the move becomes cost prohibitive.

A lot of children have and are getting a very good basic education at kitchen tables.