Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Deal With Stray Animals Charitably

December 21, 2010 the City has renewed its contract with Countryside paying them $191,810 for 2011 to handle about 2500 stray animals for the city.   That’s about $75 per animal.  It is probably a reasonable price.

Stress mounts among animal lovers when statistics reveal that only about half the animals taken in by Countryside survive their stay there.

I think the problem is that we rely on government to deal with the problem of stray animals.   Government doesn’t treat human beings humanely.   How can you expect better for animals.

The project really should be taken on charitably with volunteers.   I am sure there are enough animal lovers out their with deep enough pockets and/or with a little time on their hands to take on the job as a labor of love.

It would be best for the animals, it would be best for all of us, to deal with strays charitably, voluntarily and with affection, none of which are attributes of a government.

250,000 jobs for Wisconsin

There are several theories expressed in the December 28, 2010 Journal Times lead article regarding Walker's ability to "produce" 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin.  But the facts are that the jobs are waiting to start up. And global activity really has little impact on it.

The real question is will Walker and the legislature have the guts to shut down the bureaucratic barriers to job growth?  No governor or legislature ever has.  Not since 1775, anyway, and Wisconsin wasn't a state then.

We could create a lot of jobs right here in Racine, regardless of the state, national or global environment.  It would require getting rid of activities like RCEDC, the city planning department, limitations on Class A liquor licenses, UNIT inspectors, transportation subsidies, building and health department inspectors, half the police department. Then with the reduced regulations and inspectors that over zealously monitor private activity along with lower taxes, companies would swarm into the city.

That gives you some idea of the magnitude of what Walker and the new legislature has to do at the state levelto get all those jobs into action.

(By the way, no government is going to "produce" any jobs. I don't think Walker is under such a delusion. That was probably written by a newspaper reporter. The government can only get out of the way. The private sector makes the jobs.)

It is a courageous project, rolling back all that bureaucracy. It scares the hell out of most people, just like my suggestions above scare the hell out of people from Racine that read it.

My expectations for results from Walker are low.

But my hopes are sky high. What if the TEA Party driven Wisconsin State government really does it?