Sunday, June 13, 2010

Time to Retire the City Development Department

Brian O’Connell of the City’s Redevelopment Department was instrumental in closing down developer Tom Tousis’ $2 - $3 million project in the West Racine. The reason? It wasn’t expensive enough. O’Connell wanted a $5 million project.

I don’t think O’Connell is a stupid man. I don’t think he is destructive. Even though his action is both stupid and destructive.

It is the system that is the problem. It is time to eliminate the City Development department and along with it the City Planning Commissions. We can suffer the consequences The Planners have perpetrated on Cities across this nation of obstructing economic growth and happiness, or do what needs to be done: eliminate The Planners.

Is the City practicing its own form of discrimination?

Recently, Ken Lumpkin, Insider News owner and editor blogged, In the early 90’s there were about 28 African American bars, taverns, and Lounges. In less than two decades, the city has managed to close most of them leaving nine for a city whose African American population is well over 26,000.

Denis Navratil added fuel to the City discrimination charge fire with these comments on the George Meyers Car 25 talk show.